Galerie du Monde prides itself in the artwork it sources and the artists it supports from all corners of the globe. Not only is it a great pleasure to work with such a wide range of artists and galleries, but representing emerging artists is incredibly exciting. Many of the international artists are recognised within their home country, but Galerie du Monde looks to put them on the map here in the U.K. By regularly changing our exhibitions, we look forward to supporting a great number of artists and showing a continually varied range of artwork. We also look forward to supporting our greatly valued local artists, providing a fantastic space to exhibit their work and soon offer the opportunity to host artist residencies throughout the year as well.
We currently have fantastic ties with the Australian art galleries Waralukurlangu Artists in Yuendumu, Northern Territory, and Artlandish Art Gallery in Kununurra, Western Australia. We look forward to what the future brings with our current and future artists, galleries and collectors!

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