Bernard Miles Pearson

United Kingdom


Over the past twenty years Bernard has specialised in both sculpture and painting. He lives and works in the Meon Valley, Hampshire, and is member of the Surrey Sculpture Society. His work has been shown in a number of exhibitions and is included in private collections in the UK, USA, Italy, France and Australia.

Bernard’s work is primarily figurative abstract, often using the female form as the subject. Light and shadow play an important part in his sculpture and painting. Sharp edges and flat planes are a feature of his art, often taking the piece into non-realistic forms.


His sculptures allow the patterns to solidify the intangible into the material, creating an object of depth from a transparent image. By doing this, the solid form creates its own shadows and reflected patterns, thereby becoming perpetual – an infinite cycle of the tangible creating the intangible, being made solid, and in turn creating more intangible imagery.


Bernard’s desire is to draw attention to particular subjects, in hope of sharing his enthusiasm for shadows and the intricate natural artistry of reflected light.