Gracie Morton Pwerle


Gracie Morton Pwerle lives and works in Utopia (Australia), an area in Northern Territory known for its quality art.

Gracie was involved in the Batik project of the 1970s, when Western craft practices and traditional Indigenous imagery were combined for the first time. She was one of the early artists who began to use acrylic paint and canvas in the 1980s.

Gracie is a senior traditional custodian of the Arnwekety (Bush Plum) Dreaming, and in accordance with traditional law she is responsible for ensuring the Dreaming, customs and traditions associated with the Bush Plum are upheld. This responsibility was passed down to Gracie from her father and aunt.

Gracie’s primary subject in her artwork is Arnwekety and through her artwork, she depicts the changing seasonal influences on the plant. Gracie creates a wonderful lyricism in her artworks, causing a three-dimensional visual effect that guides the observer through the soft outward reaching fields of colour.Gracie has exhibited in shows consistently since 1985 across the world. Her work is also included in many important collections, in both Australia and overseas, such as Germany, the UK, China, the Netherlands, and more.