Hicham Touarass


Hicham Touarass is an internationally exhibited artist, originating from Essaouira, Morocco. His work often focuses on representing the wonder of customs and traditions associated with Moroccan culture

Born into a family of craftsmen specializing in Thuya marquetry, Touarass’ childhood influences feature significantly in his artistic practice. Following in his father’s footsteps as a weaver, the artist began his career with a strong interest in Moroccan Berber carpets, which he often wove in his studio. In traditional tribal weaving, Moroccan women would entwine stories of their lives into each carpet, enriching them with symbolism just as ancient Berber weavers would do to depict ancestral myths. Touarass preserves this custom by subtly depicting vast images of Moroccan culture in the intricacies of his own oil and acrylic paintings. A humble beauty flourishes on each canvas, as he meticulously combines qualities of abstract art, naïve art, pointillism, and calligraphy to create paintings that pay homage to Moroccan traditions and values.