Lucien Tilly


Lucien Tilly is a French artist is based in Essaouira, Morocco. Tilly exhibits on an international scale, most recently in Agora Gallery, Chelsea New York (2014). Alongside his practice, the artist is also the owner of Gallerie La Rochelle, in Morocco.

Tilly creates intense, colourful paintings markedly influenced by art forms from all over the world. Most prominently, his use of dot-work and hand-mixed pigments points to a direct relationship with traditional Australian aboriginal art. The artist juxtaposes bold, bright colours to play with perceptions of depth and flatness, often creating a scenography akin to the aboriginal depictions of land in their own artwork. Tilly often highlights the impact of his surroundings on his artistic practice; the influence of his current residency in Morocco boldly emerges through the Arabian-like composition and dazzling intensity of his artwork. The artist’s paintings are a reflection of various international traditions and cultures, forming one visual language through the rhythmic patterns and repeated dots that are drummed across the skin of his canvases.