Mohammed Sanoussi


Mohammed Sanoussi is a Moroccan painter and currently lives and works in Agadir, Morocco. He began his artistic career in Casablanca with a Diploma in Fine Arts (1975), and pursued this in Rabat with a course in Educational Studies in Plastic Art (1977).  Alongside his work as an artist, he is also regularly involved in the organisation of various festivals and associations across the country, leading to his role as President and Founder of various plastic art groups and movements in Morocco from 1988 onwards. The artist currently exhibits his work in Europe and North Africa.

Sanoussi plays a leading role in Morocco’s contemporary art scene; specifically ‘plastic art’, Morocco’s equivalent of contemporary, visual art led by academic research. His artistic practice often deals with the body as a means of expression, and thus in more recent years his compositions have becoming increasingly abstract in his endeavour to understand presence, form and movement. Colour is also a fundamental part of his work; the natural pigments he uses function as a tribute to the energy of Moroccan culture. He further transposes themes of tradition and modernity in his paintings through his poetic juxtaposition of contemporary imagery with traditional Moroccan materials such as sands, leather, wood, tapestry and fine threads.

He has been shown in over 30 exhibitions over the last 35 years, including Morocco, France, and Austria. He was awarded the Silver Medal in the Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters of Paris in 2003.