• mina mina dreaming rene dixon
  • mina mina dreaming rene dixon
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Mina Mina Dreaming




Artist: Rene Napangardi Dixon


Year: Unknown


Medium: Acrylic


Dimensions including frame: 660 mm x 660 mm


Origin: Australia


Description: Dixon’s painting Mina Mina Jukurrpa is a significant Women’s Dreaming in the Yuendumu area of Northern Territory Australia. In the Dreamtime story, ancestral women would dance and digging sticks (‘karlangu’} would rise up out of the ground. The women would collect these sticks, and travel from West to East across the desert, digging for bush tucker and collecting snake vine (‘ngalyipi’). The sinuous lines in Dixon’s painting are representative of the snake vines, the concentric circles represent desert truffles (‘jintiparnta’), and the straight lines depict the digging sticks they used.


Framed in black trayframe


Original artwork


Signed on back by artist

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