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Vaughan Springs Dreaming




Artist: Selina Napanangka Fisher


Year: Unknown


Medium: Acrylic


Dimensions including frame: 66cm x 66cm


Origin: Australia


Description: Selina Napanangka Fisher’s vibrant Aboriginal painting details the Pikilyi Jukurrpa, which translates to the Vaughan Springs Dreaming. Pikilyi is a significant waterhole and natural spring near Mount Doreen Station in the Northern Territory of Australia. The Dreaming tells a tale of two rainbow serpents, regarded as ancestral heroes, who lived together as husband and wife. Their relationship was taboo as they were from different ‘skin groups’ according to Aboriginal law. However, they were kind and let others take water from the springs at Pikilya, and so the spirit of both of these two rainbow serpents are still associated with the site today.


Framed in black tray-frame


Original artwork


Signed by artist

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