• Desert Fringe Rush Seed Dreaming G Gill
  • Desert Fringe Rush Seed Dreaming G Gill

Desert Fringe-Rush Seed Dreaming


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Artist: Gloria Napangardi Gill


Year: Unknown


Medium: Acrylic


Dimensions including frame: 660 mm x 510 mm


Origin: Australia


Description: Artist Gloria Napangardi Gill illustrates the Lukarrara Jukurrpa, the Desert Fringe-Rush Seed Dreaming belonging to a place north of Yuendumu in the Northern Territory of Australia. The desert fringe-rush is a type of grass with an edible seed which are traditionally ground on large stones to make flour. This flour is then mixed with water {‘ngapa’) to make traditional damper cakes. The concentric circles in the composition represent the seed bearing grass as well as the site of Jaralypari itself where the Dreaming belongs to.


Framed in black tray-frame




Signed by artist on back

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