• Water Dreaming Sharon Numina
  • Water Dreaming Sharon Numina
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Water Dreaming


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Artist: Sharon Numina


Year: Unknown


Medium: Acrylic


Dimensions including frame: 950 mm x 1040 mm


Origin: Australia


Description: Sharon Numina paints the Dreamtime story of two ancestors who roamed the Western Desert of Central Australia teaching law and ceremony to Aboriginals. When these ancestors learnt of a severe drought hitting the land, they decided to initiate a ceremony, Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming). The ceremony would call on the Lightening Man to send lightening and the Rainbow Serpent to growl, causing thunder to roll across the sky and heavy rain as its forked tongue pierced the storm clouds. Soon fresh water flooded back into the waterholes and creeks across the land. Animals came to drink from the waterholes, plants began to flourish, the wind carried plant seeds across the desert, and food was finally returned to the desert people.


Framed in black trayframe


Original artwork


Signed by artist

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