• Water Dreaming Zachias Williams
  • Water Dreaming Zachias Williams
  • Water Dreaming Zachias Williams

Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming)




Artist: Zachais Japanangka Williams


Year: Unknown


Medium: Acrylic


Dimensions including frame: 510 mm x 510 mm


Origin: Australia


Description: Williams paints his own representation of Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming). The Dreamtime tells a tale of a kangaroo being cooked on a fire one night, and as the smoke from the fire formed cloud (‘milpirri’) above it began to rain. The rain soon became a storm, which quickly travelled from East to West until a gecko blew the storm in a different direction, and a brown falcon carried it in another. Bolts of lightening began to shoot out, and the Dreaming recounts how the smaller clouds built the hills at Ngamangama and the longer, pointy clouds stuck firmly into the grounds at Jukajuka, where they can be seen as the rock formations there today. The iconography used to represent the sites and elements of the Dreaming includes short dashes for clouds, long flowing lines for floor waters, and small circles for soakages and river beds.


Framed in black trayframe


Original artwork


Signed by artist

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